youthful offenders

youthful offenders
Status classification of youths and young adults, generally older than juveniles (18-25 age range), who are given special sentencing consideration. The purpose of federal and state statutes granting youthful offender status is to improve the chances of correction and successful return to the community of young offenders sentenced to imprisonment by providing them with vocational, education, counseling, or public service opportunities and by preventing their association with older and more experienced criminals during the terms of their confinement; see e.g. Fla. St. No. 958.011; 18 U.S.C.A. No. 5001 et seq.; 5031 et seq.
The determination of whether or not to grant youthful offender status rests within the discretion of the sentencing court. People v. Polansky, 125 A.D.2d 342, 509 N.Y.S.2d 71, 72.
See also delinquent child

Black's law dictionary. . 1990.

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